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For your nails Valencia visit Sadelva. You can purchase most of these services here, which are a great option if you want to do full maintenance without having to visit multiple sites. We are specialists in hand beauty, especially when it comes to aesthetics and nail care.

We have the best treatments, brands, services and professionals so that you can wear them in the workplace, for a special event, or simply pamper yourself with those perfect nails that we all want.


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The hair removal service is one of the most demanded. We love sunbathing, showing off our feet, and of course, given the climate of this magnificent city, we always try to wear the most comfortable clothes. For this reason, both for aesthetics and comfort, the waxing of legs, armpits and English is becoming a law among young people.

Another trace of fairly common use is found on our tabs. More and more manicure centers in Valencia are using eyelash extensions to achieve the desired effect. These extensions give your eyes a different perspective, accentuating their colors and making the look much sexier.

On the other hand, if we are looking for specialists to achieve an excellent result in our hands. We can go to Sadelva, one of the best nail salons in the city. In our salon we prepare excellent work with people who have many years of experience and where we undoubtedly have a guarantee of quality at work.

If you’re looking for a manicure and / or pedicure, who doesn’t expect you to have perfect hands and feet?

We know how fragile these parts are and that, unfortunately, they gradually deteriorate due to daily work, either walking from the timbo to the dairy, or our work or crafts. To tell the truth, you don’t need an excuse or time of year to visit any great nail salon in Valencia. To regain your femininity and give your hands the love. Your business card.

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Plus, gel nails Valencia are positioning themselves as one of the best options for showing off style. However, there are other options; the difference between these small and acrylics lies in the material they are made of. Of course, the choice depends on each girl and person who does it.

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